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SAEA GROUP Research provides our exclusive clients with customised journals and research products. Please send your queries to for more information on our products.


SAEA GROUP Research’s Socio-Economic Division is focused on the systematic research of the nexus between contemporary social issues and economic performance. It is in our firm belief that investment research and analysis goes beyond economic impetus and undercurrents. Our clients, corporate investors and businessmen alike, need a fuller picture of the social issues to strategise and position their investment and financial strengths.

We gather and analyse socio-economic data and information of the emerging markets in East Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia to provide our clients the vital advantage in investment-making. We provide both markets and the investors with information on Strategic Ability, Socio-Economic, Socio-Politic, Confidence Building Measures, and Development Goals as envisioned by today’s leaders, movers and shakers.

SAEA GROUP Research posts some of these articles for the understanding of regional issues through the different perspectives.

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We invite aspiring writers to send us good analytical briefs, or interesting commentaries and articles, which are current and of strategic importance to the Asia-Pacific region. For more details, please refer to our careers page.




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