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September 2014

India-ASEAN FTA: Gap Between Expectation and Reality
Aparupa Bhattacherjee analyses India’s failure to sign the Free Trade Agreement with the ASEAN nations, and its macro and micro implications



August 2014

Indian Ocean Region: The Need for India-Australia Maritime Cooperation
Teshu Singh writes why the onus of building greater cooperation between India and Australia in the Indian Ocean Region, is on New Delhi

South China Sea: Intransigence Over Troubled Waters
Professor Shankari Sundararaman argues that Beijing’s posturing has in fact pushed countries to look for credible solutions for issues in the South China Sea



July 2014

Indonesia: 2014 Presidential Election Explained
Professor Shankari Sundararaman analyses the recently concluded presidential elections in Indonesia, where Joko Widodo emerged as the winner

Responses from South and Southeast Asia – China’s Cartographic Aggression
Roomana Hukil draws conclusions from the ‘vertical atlas’ recently unveiled by China



June 2014

South China Sea – China’s ‘Salami Slicing’: What’s Next?
Teshu Singh analyses China’s reasons for installing a rig in the disputed territory in the South China Sea

Japan and US in the Asia Pacific: Countering Chinese Assertiveness

Samundeswari Natesan draws from statements made at the 2014 Shangri La Dialogue to comment on the renewal of regional tensions



May 2014

Thailand: Why is History Repeating Itself?
Aparupa Bhattacherjee looks at recent events to comment on political polarization within the country

China-Vietnam: The Oil Rig Non-diplomacy
Roomana Hukil analyses the causes and potential implications of China’s decision to install oil rigs in a disputed area of the South China Sea, near Vietnam

US in Asia Pacific – Southeast Asia: A Three-Pronged US Strategy
Vivek Mishra analyses the potential trajectory of the US’ presence and role in the Southeast Asian region

South China Sea Dispute: China Unchallenged by ASEAN
Samundeswari Natesan says that the reference to the SCS in the Summit Joint Statement was merely ceremonial

Will China ‘Rig’ the Indian Ocean?

Shreya Upadhyay analyses whether China will apply the assertive behavior it demonstrates in the South China Sea, in the Indian Ocean as well



April 2014

Indonesia: The 2014 Legislative Elections
Aparupa Bhattacherjee suggests that the results demonstrate that a coalition is coming to power in Indonesia

US in Asia Pacific – Military Implications of the Rebalance: Increasing Chinese Aggression
Shreya Upadhyay looks at Chinese responses to the changing regional security environment

US in Asia Pacific – Rebalancing: Philippines, Vietnam & Mutual Convergences
Vivek Mishra comments on the convergences that may decide the future character of the US ‘rebalance’

Southeast Asian Democracy: New Time and Take
Sampa Kundu argues that the push for further democratisation within the Southeast Asian countries and the established regimes resistance to it has the possibility of jeopardising the region’s political stability and which may impede the movement towards an ASEAN Economic Community by 2015



March 2014

US and Asia-Pacific: Will Obama Rebalance Futher?
Shreya Upadhyay argues that contrary to popular discourse, the US is here to stay in the Asia-Pacific region

US and Asia-Pacific: Rebalance Under Threat?
Vivek Mishra argues that the weight of the US’ influence on the Asia-Pacific region is fading with the rise of a belligerent China

US and Asia-Pacific: Pivot, Rebalance and What Next?
D. Suba Chandran explores the potential challenges that the US will face in its dealings with the Asia Pacific region in the coming times

Transition in Myanmar: Regional Implications & Future Directions
Amb Ranjit Gupta analyses the nature of the transition and its implications for South Asia and the Middle East



January 2014

Myanmar: Why is the Clergy Angry?
Rajeshwari Krishnamurthy tries to find answers for the violence in Myanmar and the role of monks in it

Year in Review – Southeast Asia: Elections, Instability and Reconciliation
Aparupa Bhattacherjee highlights the major developments within along with external influences in Southeast Asia



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